I crave nights like these, next to you.

When the music steals my soul, the stars take my breath away, and you hold my heart.

Your smile has left a print so vivid, leaving me defenceless against your existence.

The shivers down my spine reflect the passion the waves have for the shore, the determination for just one touch, one graceful connection.

Although only lasting for a moment, leaving a mark for eternity. How is it that I feel frozen in time when your eyes meet mine?

Like suddenly, the world around me no longer exists and all I have ever known was your soul next to mine.

As struck as the very first moment I fell in love with you,
my heart will never know a love so divine.





Liquid Lover

As she tip-toed around the thought of you, the blood in her veins began to quicken.

She could feel her pulse echo through her body, bouncing off the walls of her chambers.

liquid lover

But she was afraid. She was afraid of being paralyzed by her infatuation towards you, for she knew that true love was unlikely.

Still, you reeled her in with your fervent gaze and electricity radiated with the slightest touch.

Her elegance made her skin look like nothing short of a fountain of silk pouring all over your body filling you with a strong desire to hold her forever, which left you terrified.

Both of your fears left the room when a kiss locked you into one another and brought about a light within you that you never knew existed.

And although a true love was said to be unlikely, she made loving her so damn easy.