Eyes Closed

The need for serenity slithered through her veins as the ocean crashed against her skin.

She closed her eyes and envisioned the sun reflecting against the water, a twinkle in her eye was awoken and a melody in her heart began to play.

eyes closed

Every time she opened her eyes, she was brought back to darkness, where real life rolled stormy clouds over her innocent spirit, causing a barrier it could not escape.

She closed her eyes once again.

The flutes within her sang songs of hope

and faith that would help her find a way back to the ocean that once fed her life, and determination to make the best of what she had.

Where raindrops only brought more flowers and shade was meant for cooling her skin from the warmth that the beautiful sun radiated.

Where loud voices were used for singing songs and screaming was the laughter of children playing with one another.

The water through her hair caused a graceful wave of dancing strings that were plucked with every movement, playing music that expressed her love for life.

Yet she feared the fact that she only loved life with her eyes closed.



Flowers Bloom

Wake me up when the grass is green and the sky is cloudless.

When all your grudges are no longer held and all youFlower see are the colours of happiness and tranquility.

To live in a world and ask for it to be perfect is something seen as unquestionable, laughable really.

Notice that the flowers bloom even after harsh storms, almost as if to lift their heads up and only look forward, hopeful, even though their hearts have been cheated by their own.

If all hope was lost, the flowers would be no more, and we would live a colourless life.

Take the good, and make it better.

And take the bad, and show it that it too can be better.

For if we forget to shed light on all, the shadows will grow bigger and stronger, and soon, we will forget what we’re all about.



How do you apologize to your heart?

The storm had made a home for itself within her.

The wind was strong enough to send her tumbling over, the pressure so powerful, it forced her to find comfort on the ground.

Suddenly things from where she used to stand seemed unobtainable, too far and too tall for her to reach.

The skies were permanently darkened, the leaves on the trees forever flipped over and the air chilled her to the bone.

Desperate moments with a weakened heart, her mind began to trick her as she gasped for clean air she was convinced didn’t exist.

The crippling feeling of helplessness overshadowed any ounce of hope that ever existed in her.

All she did was open her eyes to see that only a moment had gone by. What seemed like forever was only a minute told by a clock.

mind to heart

How do you convince your mind, and how do you apologize to your own heart for allowing something so dark to consume you?

❀ ❀ ❀ ❤︎ ❀ ❀ ❀

This here is an experience that many people go through, in different ways. We label it many things, and we dwell on this experience and ultimately allow it to define us. People around us have hearts for understanding and caring, let us not be afraid to utilize the positivity of others surrounding us to mend our own hearts.


Undying like a watered plant that never wilted.

The sun fed her growth as her roots began to spread and dig deeper, finding more to hold onto.

If she only knew that she can only go so far.


She spent time digging for more treasure, helplessly sticking her hands into dirt that she had no business controlling.

She began to tear the roots apart to help it find a better path only to realize the dirt stuck under her nails that were once so simple, yet beautiful.

And as she finally took a breath, she suffocated. She gasped for air and looked up to see the light that she once knew but never cherished.

She looked around and saw the chaos after the storm, the mess she’d made.

Sitting there thinking of a way to go back to who she once was.


I crave nights like these, next to you.

When the music steals my soul, the stars take my breath away, and you hold my heart.

Your smile has left a print so vivid, leaving me defenceless against your existence.

The shivers down my spine reflect the passion the waves have for the shore, the determination for just one touch, one graceful connection.

Although only lasting for a moment, leaving a mark for eternity. How is it that I feel frozen in time when your eyes meet mine?

Like suddenly, the world around me no longer exists and all I have ever known was your soul next to mine.

As struck as the very first moment I fell in love with you,
my heart will never know a love so divine.





Liquid Lover

As she tip-toed around the thought of you, the blood in her veins began to quicken.

She could feel her pulse echo through her body, bouncing off the walls of her chambers.

liquid lover

But she was afraid. She was afraid of being paralyzed by her infatuation towards you, for she knew that true love was unlikely.

Still, you reeled her in with your fervent gaze and electricity radiated with the slightest touch.

Her elegance made her skin look like nothing short of a fountain of silk pouring all over your body filling you with a strong desire to hold her forever, which left you terrified.

Both of your fears left the room when a kiss locked you into one another and brought about a light within you that you never knew existed.

And although a true love was said to be unlikely, she made loving her so damn easy.