Eyes Closed

The need for serenity slithered through her veins as the ocean crashed against her skin.

She closed her eyes and envisioned the sun reflecting against the water, a twinkle in her eye was awoken and a melody in her heart began to play.

eyes closed

Every time she opened her eyes, she was brought back to darkness, where real life rolled stormy clouds over her innocent spirit, causing a barrier it could not escape.

She closed her eyes once again.

The flutes within her sang songs of hope

and faith that would help her find a way back to the ocean that once fed her life, and determination to make the best of what she had.

Where raindrops only brought more flowers and shade was meant for cooling her skin from the warmth that the beautiful sun radiated.

Where loud voices were used for singing songs and screaming was the laughter of children playing with one another.

The water through her hair caused a graceful wave of dancing strings that were plucked with every movement, playing music that expressed her love for life.

Yet she feared the fact that she only loved life with her eyes closed.



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